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International Call for Participation: Action Camp against the construction of a highway close to Leipzig in Saxony

Plakat fürs Aktionscamp
We invite you to the DIY-Action camp against the construction of a highway close to Leipzig: The planned highway would destroy one of the few protected area east of Leipzig and a rather untouched landscape: We demand the immediate stop of these plannings!

Please bring tents, sleeping bags, instruments, warm clothes, …!

The Camp is a DIY-Camp --- with street actions in the city, networking of initiatives, discussions, theoretical and practical workshops, a very diverse DIY-cultural programme, being together at the bonfire, and much more!

We are interested in an exchange with initiatives working against similar destructive infrastructure plans: So if you plan to come, please inform us and we will can put you into our programme early on!

The camp is a DoItYourself-Camp – i.e. we organize our daily life togehter, including cooking, music, cleaning, etc. …

From the programme:
thursday: arrival, opening meeting
friday: workshops, preparation of actions, street actions in the city
saturday: theoretical practical workshops, evening concert
sunday: brunch + concerts, workshops, evening concert
monday: final meetings, planning, departure

This camp is organized by local initiatives against the highway, environment activist groups and individuals from the area.

Contact: sehlis2013 (at) posteo (dot) de